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One of the significant challenges facing network operators today is the high capital cost of deploying next generation broadband network to individual homes or schools. Fiber to the home only makes economic sense for a relatively small percentage of homes or schools. One solution is a novel new approach under development in several jurisdictions around the world is to bundle the cost of next generation broadband Internet with the deployment of solar panels on the owners roof or through the sale of renewable energy to the homeowner. Rather than charging customers directly for the costs of deployment of the high speed broadband network theses costs instead are amortized over several years as a small discount on the customer’s Feed in Tariff (FIT) or renewable energy bill. There are many companies such as Solar City that will fund the entire capital cost of deploying solar panels on the roofs of homes or schools, who in turn make their money from the long term sale of the power from the panels to the electrical grid. In addition there are no Energy Service Companies (ESCOs) and Green Bond Funds that will underwrite the cost of larger installations.

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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Bundling of renewable energy with broadband starting to take off

Bundling of renewable energy with broadband and home monitoring starting to take off.

Internet and Cable Giant Comcast Will Soon Sell Electricity in Pennsylvania

Internet and Cable Giant Comcast Will Soon Sell Electricity in Pennsylvania

Comcast’s Triple Play package bundles television, internet and phone. With the company’s plans to sell electricity, it could soon become a quadruple play in some markets.


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One of the significant challenges facing network operators today is the high capital cost of deploying next generation broadband network to individual homes or schools. urdu tutorials

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